Bequests, Legacies & Wills

You wish to remain involved beyond your existence and contribute to a better future. 

Four forms of inheritances and bequests


Your loved ones are your primary beneficiaries. Thus, your family members, such as your husband or wife, your children and parents also have a share of your inheritance. You can allocate the remainder as you see fit. You can list the ReBin Foundation as a beneficiary. If you do not have a compulsory heir, you can even designate the ReBin Foundation as a universal heir.


A bequest is another way to make a donation in cash or in kind. The ReBin Foundation does not become an heir, but can invoke towards your heirs a right to the bequest. The ReBin Foundation allocates all income derived from the sale of donations in kind (such as buildings or an antiquity) to the projects it implements in strict compliance with its statutes.

Insurance beneficiary clause

In some types of insurance contracts, the beneficiary may be chosen freely in the event of death. You can designate the ReBin Foundation as a beneficiary organisation. Feel free to check directly with your insurance company.

Memorial donations

Many people express a last wish that a donation be made in lieu of flowers. By doing so, they show their solidarity with projects like ours.

How can I insert a footnote in an obituary notice ?

The deceased or yourself, as a grieving loved one, may make a donation in lieu of flowers. To ensure that we meet your desires, please proceed as follows:

• Please contact us and provide us with the name of the deceased and the address of the bereaved family.
• Please mention the possibility of donating at the bottom of the obituary notice.
• We personally thank each donor. After four weeks, the family in mourning receives a list of people who have made a donation in memory of the deceased. This gives you an opportunity to thank them.

Obituary notice wording: For the donation to be properly recorded, please use one of the following wordings in the notice: “In lieu of flowers, memorial donations to honour the memory of the deceased may be made to the ReBin Foundation, reference XXXXX” or “We support the ReBin Foundation in accordance with the wishes of the deceased “, reference XXXX»

Memorial donation

With a donation via deposit slip or bank transfer, please note the first name and surname of the deceased. You may make a donation directly online using the following form. You can enter the name of the deceased in the corresponding box.

Collection at the funeral service

Perhaps you would like to support the ReBin Foundation at the collection taken up during the funeral service. Feel free to discuss your wishes with the person in charge of the ceremony. After the ceremony, this person could transfer the amount collected onto our bank account with a reference to the deceased and the address of the bereaved family, which would enable us to thank you for your donation.

How do I draw up a will ?

Click on this link will take you to a model will. The will must be entirely handwritten, signed and dated.

How can I be sure that my bequest is used in a meaningful way ?

We guarantee that we will treat your legacy as ethically as possible. Transparency and openness are important for us. You can get an idea of our work at any time by requesting a personal interview with a Foundation member.

What is the difference between a legacy and a bequest ?

With a legacy, you leave part of your estate to the ReBin Foundation, which becomes a co-heir. You must indicate the percentage of the freely disposable portion that the organisation will receive. On the other hand, with a bequest, you specify in your will a fixed amount to be paid to the ReBin Foundation (the most viable option for our organisation).

Your donation in memory of a loved one

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